The 5 Best Marine Toilets in 2019 Reviews

Sea transportation is one of the best means of moving from one place to another. It is fun-packed, but when nature calls answering becomes very challenging.

Fortunately, there is a way out – Marine toilet. They are used in boats, ships (without modern toilet) and other sea transporting items. This toilet comes in different forms such as composting, manual, or camping toilet, electric completely portable alternative.

This article is written to provide you with the best marine toilet that can suit perfectly to their boat or other sea transporting machines.

The 5 Best Marine Toilets in 2019 Reviews

Camco 41545 Portable Marine Toilet

This our top recommendation for the best marine toilet. This is a portable toilet that fit into small storage or spaces. This marine toilet has the same height as the standard toilets which makes it a comfortable one for all sizes and age. It is a toilet that can be afforded by both average and upper-class sailors as it has a low price.

This marine toilet is made from ABS resin which does not only make it durable alone but also prevents it from unpleasant odors. Moving on, this toilet has the capacity of 5.3-gallon detachable holding tank and 3.75-gallon flush tank. It features a lid that can be removed when not used and fixed back easily.

This lid also makes it easy to move from one place to another. With its slick surface, wastes are entirely removed from the surface of the toilet, and, as such, keeps the toilet clean always. The bowl of the toilet is always rinsed with the presence of pump flush action. With its large seat size, users can sit on it without stress.


  • Has a compact design
  • Comes with a detachable lid
  • Has a slick surface
  • Comes in a large size
  • Not expensive


  • Require frequent disposal of the waste

Thetford 92853 Porta Potti 5509

This type of marine toilet is very cheap. It has a tightly sealed valve that always prevents the spread of odor either from the solid or liquid waste. One of the great features of this toilet is its indicator line that income the user when to dispose of the waste when it becomes full.

This toilet is very simple to operate due to its pour-out spout. Both the seat and the removable cover makes the product a user-friendly. It also has a piston pump flush system that supplies pressurized force during composition. It has a heavyweight of 11.4 pounds with dimensions of 16×16×16 that makes it mobility somehow difficult.

Also, it is important to know that the physical appearance of this toilet does not really look attractive compared to other toilets. It has a 5-year warranty that makes it durable for the use of the buyer. Also, it has a compact size that fits in any place comfortably. Both the installation and its uses are simple and easy to operate. This toilet is mostly suitable for RVs, trucks, and vans.


  • Durable for a long period
  • Compact design
  • Has sealed valve stop smell
  • Very simple to operate


  • Heavyweight

Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet

This is the best electric marine toilet. It uses 12 or 24 volts with a high rate of macerator and a strong water flush capacity.  With this toilet coming with a macerator, the toilet is prevented from clogging or leaking, Its bowl is made from white vitreous china which does not only gives it a sleek look, but also makes it attractive to users.

Also, it has a scavenger pump which assist in grinding and flushing all waste out of the bowl completely and fast rate. With its stainless steel, microorganisms such as bacteria, mold mildew etc., are restricted from moving around the surface of the toilet.  Operating this toilet does not require much stress as it comes with a push button. It comes in a large bowl size.


  • Has push button
  • Comes with a stainless steel
  • Made from a vitreous china
  • Has scavenger pump
  • Comfortable now size


TMC Electric Marine Toilet

This marine toilet is also an electric one. It is a toilet that has the same design with most standard toilets. It comes in a compact design that makes it for into smaller storage or spaces.

Also, it is made from a white vitreous China material that makes it durable and at the same time giving it a elegance design. It comes with a simple push button that helps to ease the operation of the 3.75-gallon on, it is a lightweight toilet that can be move from one place to another easily.

With its stainless steel, the surface of the toilet is prevented from microorganism such  old and bacteria. The stainless steel also helps to enhance the durability of the design and at the same time making it odorless. Furthermore, it also has high capacity scavenger which helps to remove waste fast and easily without leaving any behind. With its large bowl size, users can sit on with great comfort.


  • Comes with white vitreous china
  • A comfort seat
  • Has stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

Marine Toilet Buying Guide

The market is filled with several hundred of marine toilet, which makes choosing the right product for your needs quite challenging. so, here’s a guide to help you make the right choice:


This is an important buying guide. This is because most marine boats are always installed in a minimum storage space. And this is because they come in a compact design. But if you are a buyer and you are looking for a toilet with a large bowl shape which takes more spaces. So before going for a marine toilet, you should measure the length of storage or available spaces.

Material and Design

It is important to know that a toilet is made beautiful and elegant by design it is made from. So buyers who are interested in a toilet with a sleek must consider the martial in which it is made. Does make from vitreous china tends to be durable compared to others from another material.