One Piece or Two Piece Toilet – Which Toilet is Better?

Most toilets in the industry come in two forms which are either in a one-piece toilet or two-piece toilet. There has always been controversy about which toilet is the best between the two. The truth of the matter is that both of them are better and none of them has excessive qualities more than the other.

Although two-piece toilet is one of the oldest models, yet it features several modern qualities that most one-piece toilets have. So the aim of this article is to checks the benefits of having any these toilets and at the same time checking the problems that can be encountered from them.

One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet is the new form of toilets that had just emerged in the toilet industry. Since this toilet does not come with a tank, meaning it’s compact in design. It is a form of the toilet that fit more into smaller bathrooms compared to two-piece toilets. Examples are Kohler Cimarron, San Raphael, etc.

Advantages of One-Piece Toilets

1, Compact Design

Most of the one-piece toilets have a compact design. This is because these toilets are made without coming with a tank. This compact design makes it fit into any bathrooms either large or small. This toilet gives space for the arrangement or storage of other bathrooms equipment since it does not consume lots of spaces.

2, Easy Usage and Comfort Size

The size of this toilet makes it easy to access. Its height is more located to the floor compared to the two-piece toilet. Children and the disabled have easy access to the toilet. Also, the chrome lever of this is located nearer to the floor.

3, Easy to Clean and Maintain

A one-piece toilet is a model with fewer nooks and crevasses. As a result of this, the cleaning of these toilets does not take much stress or time. Also, times and energy allocated to cleaning the tank are left out.

4, Long Term Durability

One-piece toilets tend to last longer than the two-piece toilets. The ceramic in which these various toilets are made from makes them strong and reliable.

5, Easy Installation

Since one-piece toilets do not come in a bulky, the installation of this form is easy and does not require the help of anybody or the service of a plumber.


1, Price

One-piece toilets are not affordable especially people on a budget. Only the upper-class citizens can purchase this form of toilet.

2, Height

This toilet is not comfortable for a tall person and adults because of its short height.

3, Problem of Replacement

In one-piece toilets, the bowl and the tank are made together. Then, if the bowl becomes default or does not work effectively, both the tank and the bowl will be disposed of.

4, Heavy

Because of the bulky nature of this toilet, users find it difficult to move from one place to another compared to a two-piece toilet. Also, during installation or repair, it might even get broken or damage if not carefully protected.

Two-Piece Toilet

This model is old. It most time come in traditional style and never the less perform if not more than the modern toilets but the equal rate to the modern toilet. Examples of two-piece toilets are TOTO CST744LS #01 Drwke2-Piece Ada Toilet, Kohler 3989-RA-0 Highline comfort toilet, Zurn Z5562 toilet, etc.


1, Affordable Price

Most two-piece toilets are cheap and can be afforded by almost every homes. And also, since when most of them come in full form, additional expenses are eradicated

2, Comfortable for Tall Person and Adults

This toilet high is not close to the floor, unlike the one-piece toilet. This makes it easy for someone who is tall or an adult to use it without much stress.

3, Easy Replacement

Two-piece toilet separates its bowl from the tank. So, therefore, if there is damage to the tank, it can be replaced alone without worrying about the bowl.

4, Easy Installation

Users with the idea of how to separate toilets part are joined together will find this toilet easy to fix. Also, this toilet most times come with instructions that help the amateur to ease difficulties.

5, Comfortable Seat

Most large size toilets come with an elongated bowl. This elongated bowl makes it easy for users to sit on without much stress.


1, One Large Size

The two-piece toilets are most of the time made in larger sizes

Therefore, this size tends to take more space in the bathroom or a place of its use. For example, a user with a small bathroom or overcrowded bathroom will find it difficult to install this toilet.

2, Comfortability

This toilet is not comfortable for small children and the disabled. This is because this toilet is not close to the floor and a short person seating on the bowl will find it uncomfortable.

3, Short Term Durability

Because of the materials in which this form of the toilet is made from, it tends to only last for an extended period. Most of this form of toilet always have short term warranty like 12 months or a year.

4, Cleaning

This toilet most time is found difficulty to clean. The area of connection between the tank and the bowl is a task when cleaning it. And this particular place serve has a hidden place for bacteria and other microorganisms.